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HBA Social Media Seminar

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A big thank you to the Homer Business Association for inviting me to present a seminar on Social Media.  The HBA is a wonderful group of kind people who are the fabric of the Homer business community. Another big thank you to Sylvia Nye for going the extra mile to secure the Living History Center for the venue for the seminar.  The venue there is second to none for a seminar of this type. 

I have posted the content from the presentation here...  The images within the presentation link to the respective websites imbedded in the presentation. Just click on the image on most slides and it will take you to more information on the topic. 


Here are some additional tips for managing your businesses social media presence from Andrea Vahl, one of the web's best trainers on the topic of social media management:

  • Don’t sign up for every social media site all at once.
  • Do one or two things well and then add more.
  • Make sure you know why you are doing it so you keep the big picture in mind.

There are huge benefits to participating in Social Media including:

  • Expanding your Internet presence
  • Growing your e-mail list
  • Connecting with current clients
  • Finding new customers Forming joint ventures
  • Helping your Search Engine Optimization for your website or blog
  • Masterminding new ideas by watching others in your industry
  • Make sure you know why you are on social media and put key measurements in place so that you know when you are successful.

Here at Ed Web Services we can assist you in meeting your businesses social media goals.  From a one to one consult to get you moving toward your goals to comprehensive management of your business social media presence we can tailor a plan that is just right for you. 

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